About Us

Who we are

OBJ was founded in 2004 after its directors and founding shareholders spent many years working with magnetic induction systems for bone growth stimulation and connective tissue disorders.

Managing Director and founder Jeffrey Edwards brought together three scientist colleagues – Dr Chris Quirk, Dr Heather Benson and Dr John Snowden – to create the Company’s first magnetic-enhanced drug delivery system known as Dermaportation.

Since then, OBJ has developed a portfolio of more than 20 patents and applications covering the Company’s powered technology, magnetic micro-arrays, enhanced partitioning and penetration technology, and several application and industry specific filings.

OBJ has established multiple commercial relationships with leading companies around the world including a multi-product licensing and development agreement with Procter and Gamble which has seen the release of several consumer products, with many more in development.

The first commercial product to be launched containing OBJ’s magnetic-enhanced delivery technology was the SK-II Eye Wand product, launched in Seoul, South Korea in October 2014. This has since been followed by the SK-II Magnetic Booster and Olay Magnemasks products.

Board of Directors

Antonio Varano – Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Varano has more than 30 years experience across Australia, Europe and the USA, operating and managing successful entrepreneurial, corporate and investment pursuits. This experience has covered start up, funding and growth, corporate operations, executive management and business exits. His expertise spans retail, cosmetics, skincare, real estate, agriculture, publishing, construction, entertainment and the arts. Many of these businesses have achieved a dominant position in the markets in which they operate. New York-based, Mr Varano holds Board and investment positions in several companies he has either founded or invested in at an early stage. Tony studied business at the Western Australian Institute of Technology, and an MBA at the University of Western Australia.

Dr. Christopher Quirk – Non-Executive Medical Director

Chris has been involved for 25 years in both teaching and research at the University of Western Australia and has worked both in the public and private sector as a consultant dermatologist. Dr Quirk is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists and a Member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Steven Schapera – Non-Executive Director

Steven is London-based, having founded the successful BECCA Cosmetic brand and commercialised it into a range of cosmetic products that were distributed throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Steven guided BECCA from its infancy through to being a global player in the international prestige cosmetic field, before the business was sold to Estee Lauder for more than US$230 million.

Jeffery Edwards – Managing Director

Jeff is responsible for scientific and technology development of the Company as well as Business Development and the Company’s International Partnering programs.

John Palermo FCA ASCA – Company Secretary

John is a Chartered Accountant with 18 years experience in public practice.  His areas of expertise are in corporate transaction execution, strategic business management and business structuring. John brings corporate governance and best practice financial management to OBJ.

Cameron Reynolds – Non-Executive Director

Mr Reynolds is the President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director of VolitionRX, a biotech company which listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in February 2015 after being founded by Mr Reynolds in 2010. He has extensive experience in the management, structuring, and strategic planning of start-up companies and has held positions including CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Non-Executive Director of public and private enterprises.

Executive Team

Jeff Edwards – Technology

Jeff is the founder of the Company, developer of the Company’s technology platforms and provides the liaison between partners and OBJ’s laboratory staff.

George Tsadilas – Product Development

George is responsible for the overall management of the Company’s BodyGuard program – an OBJ subsidiary company activity established to develop and market a range of OBJ-developed products targeting joint and pain pathologies. George is a marketing professional with over 15 years experience in the consumer and healthcare industries and works closely with the OBJ team and external contractors to develop and commercialise the BodyGuard products.

Dr. Matthew McIldowie – Research

Matt is responsible for R&D and partnering programs at the technical and implementation level. Matt holds a PhD in chemistry and has many years of experience in diverse fields such as medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry, biological chemistry, industrial processes and materials. Matt works closely with Jeff Edwards in client support and partnering programs.