Product Development

OBJ’s team offers a complete concept to delivery of product design and development service which is a skill set being increasingly sought by large multi-nationals due to its deep focus and resultant time and cost efficiencies.

  • Concept visualisations and consumer testing
  • Product design and market concept development
  • Rapid prototyping / clinical trial volume production
  • Fast throughput iterative device manufacture
  • Testing – variables / attributes, instrumental and consumer
  • Design, formula and engineering
  • Intellectual property, trademarks, patents of selection

Drug / Ingredient Profiling in Skin

Understanding how a formulation moves through human skin is essential to understanding how best to optimise performance. OBJ operates one of the world’s most advanced skin labs and provides in-vivo and ex-vivo formulation profiling, skin penetration and partitioning services.

  • Molecule and ingredient distribution through skin over time
  • Complex and existing commercial formulation profiling
  • Multi-active formulation behaviour and delivery optimisation
  • In-vivo tape stripping, accumulation and flux analysis
  • Ex-vivo excised epidermis diffusion and partitioning
  • Ex-vivo full thickness diffusion and partitioning

Laboratory Facilities and Capabilities

OBJ’s state-of-the-art laboratory facility has a high level of expertise and knowledge, making it a leading researcher in transdermal, peridermal and appendageal skin science.

  • Dedicated in-house skin science laboratory
  • In-vivo and ex-vivo partitioning and diffusion facilities
  • External collaborations with world-leading universities
  • Franz cells – rate of transfer, barrier function
  • Analysis – HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, wet chemistry

Formulation Development

Formulating and optimising formulations for maximum bio-effect requires experience across a wide range of disciplines, all of which form the core competencies of OBJ.

  • Formula / magnetic micro-array optimisation – enhanced delivery
  • Selection of optimal static fields, pulsed electromagnetic fields and field-in-motion technology
  • Scale-up, batch records, QC release and validation
  • Product component compatibility, stability studies and expiry dating
  • Regulatory strategy, application and filing and required approvals

Product Optimisation

Products need to evolve and be re-evaluated for claim superiority if they are to remain fresh and consumer relevant. OBJ provides a complete optimisation service for new and established products, brands and formulations.

  • Consumer compatibility testing  – skin irritation / sensitisation
  • Consumer and clinical testing – efficacy and acceptance
  • Product upgrading and lifecycle assessments
  • Engineering and tooling
  • Manufacturing solutions – scale up to commercial
  • Quality assurance methods and validations
  • Preparation and approval of finalised formulations, engineering drawings, manufacturing methods

Pre-Commercialisation Support

OBJ can assist in all forms of product commercialisation, from design, certification, prototyping, claims support and regulatory consultations.

  • Claims support
  • Global regulatory assessments / strategies
  • Regulatory filing and approvals in first markets
  • Contracts and legal
  • Professional technical communications and external relations
  • Identification and validation of external product supply chain partners
  • Consumer technical communications and advertising