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OBJ Ltd is an Australia-based technology company focused on the development and commercialisation of transdermal, transmembrane, drug delivery and product performance enhancement technologies.

OBJ was founded in 2004, following 15 years of research in bio-magnetics and now has offices in Western Australia and the UK. OBJ operates an internal research and development facility and collaborates widely with universities and leading CROs throughout the world.

OBJ’s business strategy is to work with partner companies by providing knowledge and expertise in magnetic field design, proof-of-concept and feasibility testing, technology integration, intellectual property generation, product development and manufacturing support. OBJ currently provides these partnering and collaboration services to companies in the UK, Europe, USA and South-East Asia.

OBJ is the leading developer of magnetic micro-array and powerless drug delivery technologies and works with partners in the design and development of drug patches, applicators, brushes and devices for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic and homecare product sectors.