Partnering Process

OBJ operates as a technology partner providing IP opportunities, market exclusivity, and technology design evaluations through to full manufacturing support.

OBJ works closely with partner companies by providing knowledge and expertise in magnetic field design, Proof of Concept and feasibility testing, technology integration, IP protection, product development and manufacturing support.

OBJ is highly flexible in its relationship and offers:

  • Exclusive and non-exclusive relationships
  • Molecular, formulation and category-based relationships
  • Initial Proof-of-Principal and feasibility evaluations
  • Custom delivery and optimisation programs
  • Prototype development programs
  • Production engineering and supply agreements

Intellectual Property

OBJ understands that innovation is the driving force behind business growth and diversification into new markets. Our team intimately understands the innovation process and the importance of a clear approach to intellectual property development, protection, adoption and commercialization that is created through collaboration programs. OBJ has the expertise to work with many different types of development partners to ensure the effective implementation of intellectual property commercialization strategies.

OBJ holds IP protection over its proprietary technology for application in various uses. Click here to understand OBJ’s collaboration principles around IP.

OBJ’s Collaboration Principles

  • IP access and evaluations
  • IP generation and sharing
  • Patents of selection
  • Global IP strategy programs

Product Development & Licensing

OBJ structures license agreements with its various development partners to suit the business opportunity and commercialisation pathway requirements. These are often based on pre-market entry and post-launch milestones and are geared towards territory sales targets.

  • Technology licensing by territory, markets and categories
  • Expandable territory licensing agreements
  • Collaborative and full-service development agreements
  • Master PDA (Product Development Agreement) with expandable and customised work plans
  • Custom Development Agreements

Product Optimisation

Products need to evolve and be re-evaluated for claim superiority if they are to remain fresh and consumer relevant. OBJ provides a complete optimisation service for new and established products, brands and formulations.

  • Consumer compatibility testing – skin irritation / sensitisation
  • Consumer and clinical testing – efficacy and acceptance
  • Product upgrading and lifecycle assessments
  • Engineering and tooling
  • Manufacturing solutions – scale up to commercial
  • Quality assurance methods and validations
  • Preparation and approval of finalised formulations, engineering drawings, manufacturing methods

Manufacturing Support

Through OBJ’s long-standing design and manufacturing partners in Australia, South-East Asia, China and USA, OBJ can provide rapid prototyping and full-scale production support facilities.

  • Pre & post clinical technical support
  • Product concept generation
  • Prototype developments
  • Engineering CADs and formulation batch records
  • Production tooling
  • Volume production by third parties
  • Partnering recommendations
  • Regulatory and Quality Assurance support